Waxing, Eyebrow Shaping and Henna


The HeadQuarters of Lafayette prides ourselves in our top level services for haircuts, hairstyles and color services. We can do just about anything you can dream of with your hair. And if what you want is for the hair to be ripped out of your face, we can do that too.

A professional facial hair remover knows how to make the experience as pain-free as possible and will do their best to make you feel comfortable on your visit. Our salon maintains a clean and sanitary environment to ensure the health and safety of our clients. We use only professional grade, high quality materials and supplies. If you want the best care, you only go to the best facial waxing facility.

Eyebrow Shaping

Shaping the brow to fit the shape of the face is an art. Properly shaped eyebrows enhances and draws attention to the eyes. If your eyebrows don't fit your face they can be distracting. Beautifully shaped, nicely arched eyebrows are an important part of a polished look.

Determining the correct brow shape for your face can be tricky. A couple things to keep in mind are:

  • Round Face - a high arched, angular brow will make your face appear thinner
  • Long Face - a more horizontal eyebrow arched towards the hair line will make your face seem fuller
  • Heart Shaped Face - keep your brows straight or rounded and not too heavy
  • Square Face - a thicker, stronger color and shape of brow balances a heavier jawline


The use of henna for body art is several centuries old. Tinting with henna is an all-natural alternative to store-bought brow tints or dyes. Henna colors the skin as well as the hair, and this can create a longer lasting stain. When applied correctly, henna creates a stain that should last up to a week. The stain underneath the brow hair helps to create the illusion of darker brows. The Headquarters stylists are henna eyebrow artists.

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